The Runaway Ranch

The Runaway Ranch is in the southern part of the state with Temperatures that soar to 90 in the summer and bring a winter wonderland in the winter. We are 9 miles to the charming town of Beulah, with The Host of Beulah stop that must includes a yoga class or a massage. There is also one of the coolest cafe’s I have every been to called The Stompin Grounds. You can grab an amazing sandwich and a Lavender tea or coffee or many other delicious items on the menu. It’s usually filled with friendly people who play chess and read the paper and talk. PLUS so much to see there!!! Don’t miss it when you visit us! After your breakfast or lunch There is a long hiking trail Called Pueblo Mountain Park. Or go over the mountain to the famous Bishops Castle. Lot’s to do around here!

If you want to head to water you can rent one of our boats and enjoy the day on the Pueblo Reservoir. It’s a beautiful lake with 60 miles of shoreline. It offers coves to picnic or fish in, open water to cruise across or if your taking the canoe there is a peaceful area on the south shores that you can cross over to and commune with the ducks or photograph the amazing rock formations all around.

On the Ranch we have a great pergola to sit on and watch the skies, the mountains the views as you sip a cool beverage or have breakfast or use one of our yoga mats and Namaste there :). There are some hiking trails on the ranch too where the scrub oak forests are or a small stream to picnic by. The rock formations are amazing on the ranch and in the area.

At night the stars are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! With no competing lights the galaxies and the Universe is wide open! As you lay on your back sipping your hot chocolate or wine or lemon water or beer or whatever you enjoy either in a hammock or on a sleeping bag or one of our chairs the night skies are right on top of you without obstruction on a clear night. (we have more clear nights than cloudy) Or hike carefully to the Scrub Oak forest lit up with tiny white lights. Romantic!!!

Of course I would be remiss if I did not tell you that this area (as most areas in Colorado) have wildlife. We love the deer and their babies who visit us all summer. We did have a young bear visit last summer once. We have seen a Bobcat about two miles away. We have fox and Coyote pups in the spring. Never have we had a problem. Our philosophy is they were here first. We know that they are more afraid of us then we are of them. Also as a photographer there have been some great moments to capture. Don’t forget your camera!

So the Runaway Ranch is just that! A place to runaway from the noise and pollution and chaos of the city. To a sweeter, quieter more simple time with those you love.

We are seasonal. Open from May through October.

719-485-1917 or email us at for more information.

2 Comments on “The Runaway Ranch

  1. I want to come play and watch the stars! Hope this scourge of a pandemic will soon pass, so we, too,can enjoy the beauty and peace at your Runaway Ranch, Lynn & Joe! These old bones in Denver would love a get-away, again, some day soon!

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