Christmas at the Ranch

We love Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday for many reasons. The meaning of it is love from God.

It is also little lights and big trees and the smell of buttery lemon, lavender shortbread baking.

It is our two furry friends burying their noses in stockings to get their doggy treats.

Drinking Hot chocolate from our Runaway mugs.

Watching the deer peek out from the forest and the stars overhead on a frigid night.

If we are lucky it will be a snowy Christmas with Christmas music and chimes and peace.

We are choosing to celebrate Christmas this year (even though it will be very different than before.) We are choosing gratitude for what still remains. Good friends and a roof over our heads. Thankful for each day, for the fresh air we breathe out here, the wide open skies that share the mystery of God. We wish you a healthy and peaceful Christmas. May you know love like never before.


Joe and Dr Lynn, Kissy & Lily

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