My Favorite Color is Wide Open sky

I have always been one to name my homes. As an interior designer in all ways that matter (I have decorated and staged over 30 homes, both mine and others) Homes “speak to me” in ways that will evolve the vibe and the character of the home. When we drove up the driveway (a bit steeper than we were used to) to find this magnificent view that was so expansive my first thoughts were “This is a place to runaway to.” and so we have. My favorite color is the openness of the sky. It changes moods daily and it brings an understanding of our place in this planet! Whenever I feel too big for my britches I simply go outside and look up. Humbling and magnificent.

2 Comments on “My Favorite Color is Wide Open sky

  1. What beautiful colors to run away to! This looks like just what the Dr. ordered. We are looking forward to safer and healthier times, so we can come get a big dose of the Runaway Ranch! Looks like a very happy and tranquil place.

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  2. We too, look forward to spending time with you and David under the stars. Perhaps a day on the boat (if you like that sort of thing!) Hopefully by summer things will be looking way way better!


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