Winter Solstice

Winter is the place to find your rest. It’s the place to allow space to be quiet. Winter here is about acceptance of stars so bright they can hurt your eyes. It’s about deer that lick the ice off of our fountain. It’s about early to bed and very early to rise. Fires going in the fireplaces. Little lights to guide our way. It’s also about planning our season for spring. Clearing pathways into the forest and preparing for the Bubble dome and the Fairy forest. Planning for new campsites and out houses. Keeping the tipi and the tent safe from the field mice who come into the garage where the magic is stored for winter. It’s about preparations for the coming of visitors. The acceptance of change. The longing for hugs. We are accepting the swings in temperatures. Yesterday (Christmas day) was 6o degrees and sunny. Lily the dog and I sat outside in the sun and ate lunch. We (Joe and I) then drove 120 miles in a circle looking at some incredible places that I (a native ) have never seen before. It was a beautiful Christmas day.

We wish you a beautiful Holiday season and a blessed NEW YEAR and we look forward to the May re-opening of THE RUNAWAY RANCH

Many Blessings

Joe, Dr Lynn, Lily and Kiss

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