working for the dream

We moved here a year ago January. I had just lost my world (my Dad) and I was looking forward to finding healing by doing what we always do. Hosting people from all over the world. We have hosted people from India and from all over the United States. Friends near and far. Then the Pandemic hit and we (like all of you) felt like our world as we had known it was over. We all hunkered down and prayed and felt lost. What is so amazing about all of us is our spirits rise and we keep dreaming. We dream of a better time to come. We dream of returning to travel and friends and family gathered. We dream of our work returning. We are also people with the ability to look outside the box of normal. Adapt and overcome, as they say in the military. So we are working towards the dream once again. Planning new camping experiences for guests. Planning to hire others to do some of the work (as I am Immune compromised) redefining what Hosting looks like. Knowing that it will be very different in many ways (I am used to doing it all myself) but wanting life to continue to bless those who seek the peace that only Nature can provide and throw in a little magic along the way. We at the Runaway Ranch are working on the dream. There will be a new Fairy forest stay a 5 minute walk up the mountain. Sleeping in a dome bubble tent with fairy lights and Gnomes and large rocks to picnic upon. The stars through the trees at night, the complete magic of hearing nature and the sounds of night and the skies that watch over us as we sleep and restore in a comfortable bed. Down the mountain will be two new camping sites for those who like to rough it. Just an outhouse and a view. In addition to the TIPI stay, the tent stay and the RV stay. The Runaways ranch offers the rental of either the Pontoon boat or the canoe. Hiking and star gazing, yoga and music , a day on the water. We hope you are well and wearing your masks wherever you are. The beginning of the end is happening now (with Vaccines and more understanding of the virus) We will continue to encourage social distancing and if you are around other campers we strongly encourage wearing a mask. We will be sanitizing with the best of them and we offer sanitation stations around the property. We also understand that good health involves time in Nature. We look forward to seeing many of you this late spring through fall. In the meantime what dreams are you having?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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