Favorite Things

It’s my favorite season. FALL. It reminds me of something fresh and easy. Like the scents of the leaves and the pumpkins so colorful in the landscape. I like to put the pumpkins on the entrance to the ranch. I like to tuck them next to doorways, beckoning the eye to follow inside. I love the crisp, clean air. I love the scents in the kitchen and the stews and soups on the stove. I like sweaters! I like things that are cozy and soft and I love the skies!! In Colorado the skies are so blue they transport you into the wonder of the universe and then the stars at night captivate your imagination, while swaddled in a blanket on our backs, sipping Hot chocolate or tea. There is also the fires that warm us, the early to bed syndrome because the light has faded and it is cool. So cool. NOT cold yet, just perfectly cool. I love that! So come on! Fall is beautiful at The Runaway ranch!

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