It’s Earth Day

Sunrise at the lake

I am a mere mortal living in the desires of the earths gifts. I awaken to the dawns light and I am soothed. I hear the bird singing to it’s maker and I am thrilled. I watch babies in the fields, and frogs in my garden. I watch bees and I listen to water. The trees dance and hold hands beneath my sight and I am full.

Oh the gifts that God has given.

I weep too because we have harmed more than we have treasured. Today I am going to take a beloved mate to the lake and pic up as much trash as we can. I am going to take pictures of the gifts I see and listen for the sounds of life that still remain. Earth day is every day for me. Every day I know how fragile the steps must be. I am trying today to be a voice in the wilderness crying out to all of those who do not understand. We must stop the madness of trash and plastic and pesticides and herbicides and chemicals and GMO and 5G. WE MUST STOP the madness of indifference and greed and selfishness or there will be nothing left for those who come after.


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