The Runaway Ranch Company is all about Fresh air and Organic living. It’s a Lifestyle which represents freedom and a simpler time. It can be fun and it can be exciting but it is a unique place of rest. We have some items for health and beauty but mostly it’s an experience. We offer a place for people who love to play music. You can come and sit around a camp fire and play guitar. If you love the fishing of a lake it’s 25 minutes away. We invite writers camps and artists camps to come. We invite couples who need to reconnect with one another to come. Dog lovers who have well maintained buddies are welcome too. Once a year there is a Hug-a-thon. (After the Pandemic is over) A get together to celebrate what being human and friends is all about!* There is a feast and music and hugging (lots and lots of hugging) We also plan to have a stargazing weekend in August*  We are a Seasonal place. From May to October. We practice SAFE guidelines here. Social distancing and masks if you are with anyone but your traveling companion. The ENTIRE RANCH is NON-SMOKING and NON Vaping

 *weather permitting

Please Email us at lynnschriner@gmail.com for more information about any of our events!

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