The Star Gazer

How small am I?

The tiny light of joy

at the watchful eye of light

Your stars consume me.

They take me into a small glimpse of you and your heaven to come.

Transporting me into an angels language of light.

I long to be a shooting star one that captures it’s purpose for a thousand years.

Instead I sit under the lights and I begin to weep, the beauty of your creations make me know how small I am. Still you, and a few brave hearts love me and the stars? They are surrounding me with their light and purpose. I feel the joy of the lights that shine above me and shelter me somehow in my fear of darkness.

I am consumed by the stars and I am happy.

L.S 2023

It’s Winter at the ranch

Today I am staying in my PJ’s and listening to beautiful classical music as the snow gently falls. The chickens are locked in today with heaters and food and water and the dogs are sleeping. Winter is always a reminder that we need to go with the flow of it. I am by nature a GO getter and so this takes getting used to. To do yoga and mediate instead of design and garden. To stay in a warm bedroom instead of sitting out in the warm days of spring, summer and fall. That said we decided this winter to keep two sites open for the hearty and next weekend we have guests. I asked them if they are adventurous and hardy and they said “Let’s go for it!” So we shall.

I will do everything I can to keep them as warm as possible and I will bless them with treats that are hot and warm from our ovens. May they know the beauty of winter in a new way. May they make a beautiful memory!

Sound good? 719-485-1917 to make a reservation.

It’s starting to cool down a bit

We at the Runaway Ranch LOVE fall! It’s not here yet of course, but the sunrises are later and the sunsets sooner. The morning walk is much cooler and it feels crisp in the early morning! It’s not too late to visit (open weekends till the end of October) The fire pits have been wonderful in the evenings (propane, no sparks) and the stars at night have been spectacular. We have lived here almost three years and I never tire of the skies. Tonight we have guests in from Denver and tomorrow we have guests coming from Nashville. The Denver folks are renting the canoe for the day. The Nashville folks are fulfilling a bucket list of staying in a Tipi. This is no ordinary tipi as it was built by the same company that did Dances with Wolves. It’s organic too. I designed the art work and they had Native Americans do the incredible art work. Truly a one of a kind experience. The Denver folks are having an anniversary celebration in the Tent. They are also bringing their beloved fur baby. Tonight the forest will be lighting up with all of the solar lights. A glass of Chardonnay anyone?

Sound good?

Call the ranch to make a reservation

Hurry as time is running out


Glamping in Colorado

Some sites

A lot of love

This summer has been challenging for us (as I am sure it has been for many of you too.) Life is remarkable and if we have eyes to see we have so much to be grateful for. From the smallest of winged creatures to the sounds of frogs in the valley and birds singing at dawn. The hot shower under the stars, the stars on a clear night, the warmth of a fire (propane this year, no sparks) Time with the one you love in fresh air and peace and quiet. God lives large here in his created beings. Peace comes and we are grateful.

A lot of love is what heals broken.

A lot of love is what celebrates life

A lot of love is what we strive for here.

In our home and with our guests.

We try hard to make it special for you every single time.

So come see us before the season ends.

You are welcome here *

*vaccinated please for the safety of all living things


Do More of what makes you happy!

The Runaway ranch is a place of wide open spaces, fresh air, luxury touches to a glamping experience. A welcome of home and a glass of refresh. A fire pit and a soft bed, with some extra touches of Lux. Music, magic and stars!!!

Sound like a memory?


The Runaway Ranch is in Southern Colorado overlooking the entire Arkansas valley all the way to Pikes peak! Under the Dark sky map

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The sites and sounds of The Runaway Ranch!

The Glamping tent
The Fairy Forest
Your Tipi Bucket list!
We love the sounds of our toads every summer!
Constant changing skies!
The birds are singing and the crickets are chirping and peace will settle in your soul

Reserve your stay at 719-485-1917 The Runaway Ranch in Southern Colorado is open May through October

Take me away

It’s the middle of summer already! The days here are not as hot as last year. I sort of like that actually. Afternoon gusts bring in rain and than 9 times out of 10 it clears up. The nights are cool in the 50’s and 60’s. The days are in the 70-s through the high 80’s. There are cactus blooming and Catmint and wild flowers and the skies continue to show the artistic nature of the creator. Nights when it is clear are still spectacular. A regular planetarium in the dark sky.

We have a neighbor, a young lady who is helping us this season. It’s been a wonderful addition for our business to have her. Joe and I are slowing down. Strange how that happens.

So back to you. So many of us are just needing to get away from the ringing and the shouting and the fear and the undercurrent of politics and shootings and and and and pandemic. THIS PLACE is something else entirely. Disconnect and take a deep breath. Do yoga or sip the complimentary glass of something lovely. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mozart or Native American music. It’s another time. It’s priceless. If you wish to go to the lake and canoe through the still waters on the south shore coves and explore the rocks on the island peninsula we rent our canoe. There is nothing like the sounds of a paddle gently gliding you forward.

Sound good?

Book a night or two.


Sleeping somewhere cool

High above the Beulah Valley overlooking a portion of Owl canyon and Pikes Peak in the distance sits The Runaway Ranch. This getaway is perfect for escaping the grind of life. The sites are diverse for a totally different experience for the guests. Each one is designed to be an experience, a one of a kind stay to make memories. When you have double beds and lux bedding, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a hot shower that is shared with other guests in a locked bath house and a personalized stay under the Dark sky maps of Colorado you know you are in for a treat! The hosts bring a special touch to every guest (From complimentary dog beds and bones to Happy banners of Birthday wishes or Anniversary touches) a complimentary wine, hot chocolate or beer and snacks to compliment the site. (Native or Chocolate or teas and cupcakes.)Weather permitting you can build a fire and snuggle around it, take pictures with props in every site. Enjoy the stars and make the memories! Yoga and coffee in the mornings. You can rent a canoe for the lake, explore the surrounding areas such as Bishops Castle or The Riverwalk. A hippie café in the town of Beulah, the marketplace, the shopping and the restaurants of The River Walk in Pueblo, antique shopping in Florence and the amazing Lake Pueblo! So please consider the safety and ease of the ranch when booking your vacation this year! Looking forward to serving you!

Find us on Airbnb and also through our website or call 719-485-1917 to make a reservation! 4 sites

The Tipi

The Safari tent

The fairy camp

The bear hug (a vintage trailer which is being renovated)

Opening June 1, 2022

It’s Earth Day

Sunrise at the lake

I am a mere mortal living in the desires of the earths gifts. I awaken to the dawns light and I am soothed. I hear the bird singing to it’s maker and I am thrilled. I watch babies in the fields, and frogs in my garden. I watch bees and I listen to water. The trees dance and hold hands beneath my sight and I am full.

Oh the gifts that God has given.

I weep too because we have harmed more than we have treasured. Today I am going to take a beloved mate to the lake and pic up as much trash as we can. I am going to take pictures of the gifts I see and listen for the sounds of life that still remain. Earth day is every day for me. Every day I know how fragile the steps must be. I am trying today to be a voice in the wilderness crying out to all of those who do not understand. We must stop the madness of trash and plastic and pesticides and herbicides and chemicals and GMO and 5G. WE MUST STOP the madness of indifference and greed and selfishness or there will be nothing left for those who come after.

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