Finding the Fairies

Fairyland @ The Runaway ranch

If you had asked me do I believe in fairies I would have said “Of course, doesn’t everyone?” I was raised with Tinkerbell as a kid and I totally believed in her! If you had told me that at the age of 66 I would have a Fairy forest I would have said “No way!” but it is true….we have a fairy forest at our ranch. Within the forest is a village where they live. There is also a wise old book gnome and other gnomes that hang out. Tiny white lights light up the forest at night. Want to visit? Contact us at 719-485-1917. Remember Fairies are shy and need peace. Don’t you need some peace too?

It’s almost here!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We are now just a month or so away from OPENING again! The season of 2022 will bring some (we hope) great changes. New spaces and some changes to the Fairy forest stay (a camp without all the Lux but still the experience of the forest and the fairies!) You will still have the dome to put your sleeping bags and mats into) We are also working on a vintage trailer that will bring you a very lovely hug as you overlook the sweeping views of the valley during the day and the stars at night! Always the Tipi, with a new look inside and some new things to do (Like watch Dancing with Wolves in a tipi that was made by the same company that did the movie!) and of course The Safari tent which is going to have changes too (like stars in the tent at night and the telescope and the soundtrack to 2001 a space odyssey) Shared hot shower, private camping toilets. Homemade cookies and goodies and a welcome basket! Working hard to make your dreams come true! This is truly an unforgettable experience!

The River ghosts

Almost every day I metaphorically go to the river. I slowly pull the oversized waders on over my jeans and sweat shirt. I sit on a rock beside the river and I listen for the ghosts. I beckon them to come as I fumble to tie the fly to the line. I put the willow wicker creel over my shoulder and in the final moments of prayer for the catch and release of dreams, I put on the hat. The hat that traveled a very long journey from the tall cowboy who wore it first (my granddad) to the man who taught me every nuance and love of the rivers secrets (my dad). I hear the river calling their names and I rise. I hear a rustle in the bushes and I see for one flash in time a little brother who played hide and seek there. His shortened life long loved the rivers language. The ghosts of them are with me now.

Under the Cathedral of Forest and light

A small rewrite.

The Keeper Of Me

God (for me) is not only to be found in the closed up places, doors shut and curtains drawn, hushed and dark places of pinned up souls in too tight shoes. No God (for me) is in the sky and the divinity of the created birds that fly from the sky bearing gifts of song to their creator. God (for me) is found in soft doe eyes that turn to watch me, ever watchful of danger in the morning light. God (for me) is found in the forest under the hushed tones of trees in their ordinary state, speaking like old friends having tea while they hold hands under the soil in the depths of the dark earth that is nourishing them. There is (for me) divinity in their conversations as they dance in the breezes and shelter the birds and the wild things (of which I am one.) God…

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Starting the line of LOVE

I am nothing, if not a tenacious dreamer, or a desperate believer in hard work and faith. When I was young-er I believed I would grow up to do great things. At the ripe old age of 7 I told my Mom (when asked what I was going to be when I grew up) “President”. She asked me why I would think that. I reminded her I was born on February 22nd, the same day as our First President George Washington. She said “Wow are you in for a long fall.” She was right. I have been trying to change the world all my life. I have been an activist for dolphins against the Tuna industry, testifying in front of the State Congress about the dangers of Pesticides and my fight to live because I was poisoned by one. I have joined Audubon, Green peace, PAN, Best Friends. I started my own foundation for orphans A non profit who funds water in America (on the Reservations) and in Africa. To date we have funded over 26 projects to the tune of around $110,000. over the course of 20 slow and gut wrenching years. I once sold my old Mercedes Benz (Named Daisy) at an auction. She was my buddy (my BFF was proposed to in that car) and it hurt like hell, but I didn’t have much else to offer at the time and kids were dying. I tell you this not to ring my own bell, but to share about tenacity. For some people life is easy peasy. They throw a seed out and grow a garden. For me I till and mulch and fertilize on my hands and knees and just as the little fledglings are coming up a storm floods the garden and all is lost. My life has been one long climb. I am often flattened (like the roadrunner) on life’s roads and somehow I unpeel myself and limp. I remember an Iron man (in this case a woman) who dragged herself across the finish line while losing control of her bowels. I don’t remember who won that year but I do remember her. That’s the tribe I belong to. Tenacity is in our blood.

I share all of this because I am limping along. The pandemic has brought a new challenge as I CAN”T get vaccinated. Believe me when I tell you I WANT to get vaccinated but I have almost died several times after a vaccination and Drs tell me the risk is too great. So I (we) husband Joe and I, are living a small day to day existence with only ourselves as company. When my husband goes out we mask around one another until the test says clear. Excuse my language, but that sucks. Masks at home sucks. Yet a Ventilator sucks too (I have been in ICU before and believe me you never fully recover.)

Why am I baring my life here (Or at least a small portion of my life)? Because I am about to launch a new line called “LOVE”. It’s a collection of shirts and Tees and towels and toe coverings (also known as socks) and cards and whatever else can carry and spread the message. Maybe a nightgown or a dress or two. I shared about the orphans because they will get a good chunk of any sale we make. I share some of the journey so you understand what a fool I am to keep trying or what a wonderful day it will be when this line of LOVE takes off and drills a well, or two, or ten. In the meantime here is a pic of the lines first product. A soft Tee and a racing back shirt (in honor of that girl in the Ironman, the one who didn’t win but who once inspired the whole world with her tenacity) I hope one day to be able to change someone’s world with mine starting with a shirt.

The Love Tee

Favorite Things

It’s my favorite season. FALL. It reminds me of something fresh and easy. Like the scents of the leaves and the pumpkins so colorful in the landscape. I like to put the pumpkins on the entrance to the ranch. I like to tuck them next to doorways, beckoning the eye to follow inside. I love the crisp, clean air. I love the scents in the kitchen and the stews and soups on the stove. I like sweaters! I like things that are cozy and soft and I love the skies!! In Colorado the skies are so blue they transport you into the wonder of the universe and then the stars at night captivate your imagination, while swaddled in a blanket on our backs, sipping Hot chocolate or tea. There is also the fires that warm us, the early to bed syndrome because the light has faded and it is cool. So cool. NOT cold yet, just perfectly cool. I love that! So come on! Fall is beautiful at The Runaway ranch!

What’s your happy place?

Happy Fall Y’all!

Hot Chocolate
Clover the dog and a lovely fire
The Runaway Ranch house starts to feel like fall
The Fairies love fall too!

Beautiful morning

As life continues to share it’s ever changing landscape in front of our eyes I am grateful for the wide open skies and peaceful sounds from The Runaway Ranch. Guests have been coming from all over the United States and they all have one thing in common. They all express how much the views and the skies and the peace has meant to them. Some of them have shared that they cried because it was exactly what they needed. It has been a challenging year for ALL of us, but knowing that our guests are finding peace again makes all the hard work we have put into the ranch worth it.

Never enough

No sun rising

bird singing

wave lapping

sand walking

moon wandering

galaxy viewing

star gazing

dirt digging

flower blooming

river running

butterfly counting

rock climbing

earth rotating

chicken scratching

moss foraging

water soaking

snow falling

rain dropping

namaste breathing

cloud drifting

season changing

tree hugging

grass swaying

night falling

sun setting

firefly lighting

frogs singing

moments with nature

will ever be enough

Lynn Schriner Earth day 2021

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