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I believe that kindness matters. I believe that everything we do here is for you. I want you the guest, to feel safe and nourished and at peace. So I am going to give random discounts and everyone gets a gift for coming. It might be a candle, it might be a wine of your choice, it might be chocolate or make-up or soap or CBD oil. It might be a sticker for your back pack, or car. It might be a special picnic while your here. It might even be our very own Lemon-lavender cookies tied up with a bow. I just want to bless you. It’s my heart to give gifts. It’s my heart to form community and to remember we all belong to one another.

So here we are, in the middle of a world wide shift just finding our way. We hope you will find your way here.

We Open May 1

Today is a good day

Over the weekend we had a beautiful taste of Spring! It was 70 degrees

70 degrees in the valley

But don’t get too excited yet (Speaking for myself) as the very next day we were under feet of snow

Our Lily was as bewildered as the rest of us!

But such is the way of the Southern Mountains of Colorado. It’s part of the magic.

We invite you to come and safely stay with us this season. We have 3 sites to chose from. A tipi, A tent and a Fairy forest.


Check us out at theromanticrunawayranch.com

mention this blog and receive a free gift with any stay. ($20 value)

Today is a good day to have a good day


Dr Lynn

Winter morning

As most of you who follow The Runaway Ranch knows, we are a seasonal experience. Guests come and stay in the wide expanses of sky and forest, rocks and water (nearby). My husband Joe and I are fortunate to live here in all seasons and because you aren’t able to join us for Winter I am sharing a few views and pics from this most magical time! We look forward to our Opening in the late spring/ early summer! Enjoy your wonderful winter days as every day is a gift!

Lily sends her love as she runs through the deep snow!!!

The Runaway ranch is Organic

Today I signed with yet another company who has kick ass products that allow you to NOT have to use chemicals to clean with. I have had a long lifetime of searching the world for the BEST products I can find. Norwex is the brand (from Norway) and we will be using their products at the ranch and selling those products to you, the consumer, because the world is just a better place when we lower the chemical loads.


This is the page to find the catalog. You can order from there or contact me for more assistance.

I LOVE so many of their products. Please let me know if you need further assistance

To all of our health


Dr Lynn

The Runaway Ranch

working for the dream

We moved here a year ago January. I had just lost my world (my Dad) and I was looking forward to finding healing by doing what we always do. Hosting people from all over the world. We have hosted people from India and from all over the United States. Friends near and far. Then the Pandemic hit and we (like all of you) felt like our world as we had known it was over. We all hunkered down and prayed and felt lost. What is so amazing about all of us is our spirits rise and we keep dreaming. We dream of a better time to come. We dream of returning to travel and friends and family gathered. We dream of our work returning. We are also people with the ability to look outside the box of normal. Adapt and overcome, as they say in the military. So we are working towards the dream once again. Planning new camping experiences for guests. Planning to hire others to do some of the work (as I am Immune compromised) redefining what Hosting looks like. Knowing that it will be very different in many ways (I am used to doing it all myself) but wanting life to continue to bless those who seek the peace that only Nature can provide and throw in a little magic along the way. We at the Runaway Ranch are working on the dream. There will be a new Fairy forest stay a 5 minute walk up the mountain. Sleeping in a dome bubble tent with fairy lights and Gnomes and large rocks to picnic upon. The stars through the trees at night, the complete magic of hearing nature and the sounds of night and the skies that watch over us as we sleep and restore in a comfortable bed. Down the mountain will be two new camping sites for those who like to rough it. Just an outhouse and a view. In addition to the TIPI stay, the tent stay and the RV stay. The Runaways ranch offers the rental of either the Pontoon boat or the canoe. Hiking and star gazing, yoga and music , a day on the water. We hope you are well and wearing your masks wherever you are. The beginning of the end is happening now (with Vaccines and more understanding of the virus) We will continue to encourage social distancing and if you are around other campers we strongly encourage wearing a mask. We will be sanitizing with the best of them and we offer sanitation stations around the property. We also understand that good health involves time in Nature. We look forward to seeing many of you this late spring through fall. In the meantime what dreams are you having?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Winter Solstice

Winter is the place to find your rest. It’s the place to allow space to be quiet. Winter here is about acceptance of stars so bright they can hurt your eyes. It’s about deer that lick the ice off of our fountain. It’s about early to bed and very early to rise. Fires going in the fireplaces. Little lights to guide our way. It’s also about planning our season for spring. Clearing pathways into the forest and preparing for the Bubble dome and the Fairy forest. Planning for new campsites and out houses. Keeping the tipi and the tent safe from the field mice who come into the garage where the magic is stored for winter. It’s about preparations for the coming of visitors. The acceptance of change. The longing for hugs. We are accepting the swings in temperatures. Yesterday (Christmas day) was 6o degrees and sunny. Lily the dog and I sat outside in the sun and ate lunch. We (Joe and I) then drove 120 miles in a circle looking at some incredible places that I (a native ) have never seen before. It was a beautiful Christmas day.

We wish you a beautiful Holiday season and a blessed NEW YEAR and we look forward to the May re-opening of THE RUNAWAY RANCH

Many Blessings

Joe, Dr Lynn, Lily and Kiss

The Stars at night

Ever since I was a little kid I loved going out under the stars at night and watch the activity. My Dad and I would lay on our backs and he would point out the Milky Way and The Big Dipper and the meteors that would go flying across the night sky to their maker. I especially loved doing it while we were camping. After a day of fishing on the river the stars would give us what I have come to call A Cosmic hug. If you have never experienced the stars surrounding you like that I invite you to visit us. The Runaway Ranch is PERFECT for stargazing. We actually will be having a yearly Stargazing party (once the pandemic is controlled) where we will be sharing this incredible cosmic hug with music and a drink. I guarantee you it will be magic!

Coming 2021

My Favorite Color is Wide Open sky

I have always been one to name my homes. As an interior designer in all ways that matter (I have decorated and staged over 30 homes, both mine and others) Homes “speak to me” in ways that will evolve the vibe and the character of the home. When we drove up the driveway (a bit steeper than we were used to) to find this magnificent view that was so expansive my first thoughts were “This is a place to runaway to.” and so we have. My favorite color is the openness of the sky. It changes moods daily and it brings an understanding of our place in this planet! Whenever I feel too big for my britches I simply go outside and look up. Humbling and magnificent.

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