Take me away

It’s the middle of summer already! The days here are not as hot as last year. I sort of like that actually. Afternoon gusts bring in rain and than 9 times out of 10 it clears up. The nights are cool in the 50’s and 60’s. The days are in the 70-s through the high 80’s. There are cactus blooming and Catmint and wild flowers and the skies continue to show the artistic nature of the creator. Nights when it is clear are still spectacular. A regular planetarium in the dark sky.

We have a neighbor, a young lady who is helping us this season. It’s been a wonderful addition for our business to have her. Joe and I are slowing down. Strange how that happens.

So back to you. So many of us are just needing to get away from the ringing and the shouting and the fear and the undercurrent of politics and shootings and and and and pandemic. THIS PLACE is something else entirely. Disconnect and take a deep breath. Do yoga or sip the complimentary glass of something lovely. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mozart or Native American music. It’s another time. It’s priceless. If you wish to go to the lake and canoe through the still waters on the south shore coves and explore the rocks on the island peninsula we rent our canoe. There is nothing like the sounds of a paddle gently gliding you forward.

Sound good?

Book a night or two.


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