It’s Winter at the ranch

Today I am staying in my PJ’s and listening to beautiful classical music as the snow gently falls. The chickens are locked in today with heaters and food and water and the dogs are sleeping. Winter is always a reminder that we need to go with the flow of it. I am by nature a GO getter and so this takes getting used to. To do yoga and mediate instead of design and garden. To stay in a warm bedroom instead of sitting out in the warm days of spring, summer and fall. That said we decided this winter to keep two sites open for the hearty and next weekend we have guests. I asked them if they are adventurous and hardy and they said “Let’s go for it!” So we shall.

I will do everything I can to keep them as warm as possible and I will bless them with treats that are hot and warm from our ovens. May they know the beauty of winter in a new way. May they make a beautiful memory!

Sound good? 719-485-1917 to make a reservation.

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